My Favorite Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat.

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I get asked a lot…

What the best mat is for yoga. My favorite is the “Tranquil Yogi” Cork and Natural Rubber Yoga Mat, and for good reason:

  • Non-slip grip

    so my hands and feet effortlessly stay grounded - especially in poses like Downward Dog. Bonus: It gets even grippier when its sweaty! So it perfect for Hot Yoga or a vigorous Vinyasa class!

  • Decent thickness

    so I don’t have to put a blanket under my knees every time I’m in a Table Top or Low Lunge position! This bad boy has a 5mm thickness made of natural rubber. So its perfect for a Yin or Restorative class when you know Childs pose is going to be held for many breaths!

  • Alignment Lines!

    It looks like a beautiful design printed on the yoga mat but it is actually a blueprint to help take out the guess work of where to place your hands and feet so they are symmetrical (or asymmetrical if thats what the pose calls for!)

  • Easy to clean

    and disguises dirt marks (I like to take my mat outside in the summer and sometimes that means my soil covered feet leave marks all over my mat). The cork surface perfectly hides any residual stain and is a naturally anti-microbial material. Enjoy a low maintenance, germ free surface free of odor.

  • Eco-friendly!

    Most importantly, cork and natural tree rubber are sustainable, renewable, biodegradable, and toxic-free materials! Did you know, most yoga mats are made with PVC which is toxic to humans and the environment and that mats made with it can take hundreds of thousands of years to decompose in a land fill?

…and if that wasn’t enough to make me love this mat, it also comes with a carry strap (if you get it on→ Amazon Click Here To See For Yourself ←) for easy transportation.

So spread the word bird; with all the deep breathing and face planting (Crow pose anyone?) we do in yoga, it is important we aren’t nose deep in toxins. Save yourself, while saving the planet.